Tarptautinė investicijų teisė ir arbitražas

Arbitation Report

Arbitration in Lithuania (II edition)

Arbitration in Lithuania is the first comprehensive publication in English to provide practical guidance to arbitration practitioners and in-house counsel on how to conduct arbitrations and arbitration-related proceedings in Lithuania. It provides guidance on how to navigate all the practical aspects of any kind of arbitration in Lithuania. Whether a dispute involves shareholder disputes, trade, sports, investment, or any of the other problem areas where arbitration promises the best resolution, arbitrators and the parties they represent will find all the information and guidance they need in this report. The report also draws on Lithuania’s body of case law on arbitration, which substantially enhances reliability and predictability for foreign parties.

This report also aims to widen international practitioners’ knowledge of Lithuanian arbitration law and practice, thereby providing an opportunity to gain insights into key concepts, such as arbitral proceedings, arbitral institutions, recognition and enforcement, arbitral awards, choice of law, etc.

Arbitation Report

Arbitration in Lithuania (I edition)